The Perks of Facebook Comment Selling For boutiques

Comment selling refers to a form of online shopping where when items are advertised for sale, and you see something that you like you comment sold on its that when other buyers see the comment they know that that particular item is sold. As soon as you comment sold, if you are registered with your email, you will be invoiced in your inbox then you can fill in your credit card details and pay via PayPal. It is so simple, and many boutiques are using this to sell their items on Facebook. There are so many benefits that come will comment selling and if you did not know them, here are some of the merits of comment selling on Facebook by boutiques. Click here to check out the soldsie alternative.

First, it is such a simple way of buying items, especially on Facebook. Normally when people make sales on social media platform, they leave their number so that if you are interested in an item they are advertising, you call or contact them; however, with comment selling, when the seller sees your 'sold' comment they inbox you. This saves you the trouble of trying to reach them yourself to make an order. Trust me; it does not get any simpler than this.

Another benefit Facebook comment selling is it is cost effective. As mentioned, you do not need to try and call the sellers to transact; they contact you with invoice when you show interest.

Facebook online selling offers you privacy as well. At times you may want a piece of clothing, but you are not comfortable enough but are not comfortable sharing your size in the comment section as is needed. In such cases, you can give your size when you are contacted via email. Then you can let them know your size, but when you do so, it will do you good to check out fast before someone comments 'sold' on the size you want because they will be given priority over you.

You can only buy things this way if at all you have registered. I know many find the whole process of registration quite cumbersome, but I will have you know that registration is quite simple. It is not a tedious process, and before you know it, you will have registered with your email.

The email you register with will be used for invoicing, newsletters, offers, and coupons. Therefore once you register you can standby, and you will be getting all the important communication.

These are a few of the benefits of comment selling on Facebook by boutiques.
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